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The two things I hear most often from clients?

“I don’t get social media.”

“I don’t have time for social media.”

And that’s were I come in. As a social media manager for almost a decade, I’ve worked with brands big and small to build their social media presence, hone their online voice, and create a two-way dialogue with their online communities.

Gone are the days of using social media as a bullhorn for your marketing message. Don’t get me wrong, I do my fair share of marketing for clients—but these days, social media is about being strategic and being…well, social. Starting conversations, engaging followers, answering (and asking) questions, soothing customer service woes—all of these communication elements are part of an active presence in today’s social media landscape.

On social media, I can help you:

  • Build your brand’s social media strategy

  • Hone your brand’s voice and messaging

  • Create and source thumb-stopping imagery

  • Manage your social media editorial calendar

  • Handle the day-to-day posting

  • Engage with your followers and fans

  • Field customer service inquiries and complaints

  • Manage your paid social strategy

  • Provide in-depth reporting

I get it: social media is overwhelming, and it’s constantly evolving. Don’t let it bog down your business, don’t let it frustrate you, and don’t let it remain a looming 3am thought. I’m here to help you. Let’s chat.