Portraiture Workshop, Week 2

One of the main reasons I took a portraiture workshop is because I've always found people damn hard to photograph. Food, landscapes and buildings hold still; you never catch them making a funny face or holding an awkward pose. People? Not so much. We're in constant motion, and the slightest tweak to an eyebrow, a mouth crease or a shoulder can take a picture from hot to not.

In Monday's class, we focused on an aspect of portraiture called the "one shot." Using your subject as a mannequin of sorts, you pose them in a way that's flattering to their build and their personality, set up the shot using your eye, make sure the shot fits in your frame, and boom - one shot, and only one shot. It's way harder than it sounds, especially for trigger-happy photogs like yours truly. 

Special thanks to our lovely model Carley and, once again, to Boulder's photography guru, Rick Cummings