Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy

I've always fantasized about having a small farm, where I delicately collect the hens' eggs from the coop in the mornings and milk the goats in our tidy barn in the afternoons, all while carrying a cocktail and wearing a vintage apron. In the evenings, I'll cook the plump spoils of our garden's bounty while swilling a barrel-aged bourbon that Hobbs distilled himself. 

I like to fantasize, as it's far superior to reality. I don't even like bourbon. 

On Sunday, Hobbs surprised me with a tour of Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy. Tasting cheese, petting goats and feeding chickens is one of the better ways I can imagine spending a weekend morning. Haystack's affably hip sales & marketing director, John Scaggs, gave us a tour of the dairy plant before directing us to his own small farm just outside of Niwot for a cheese-making demo, tasting, and a goat meet-n-greet.

Goats are funny. They're somewhere between a dog and a sheep, with a commanding curiosity and personalities so complex they rival some humans. We met the farm's tribe of six before gathering around John's outdoor stove to watch fresh farmer's cheese come to life right before our eyes. While the cheese drained, John made us bites of toads-in-a-hole with a twist - a crispy layer of cheese fried on one side. Yes, please and thank you. 

After ample amounts of fresh farmer's cheese and many of Haystack's other styles and flavors, we parted with a hefty peak of our own Haystack bloomy rind goat cheese. I must admit, seeing John's farmette and the hard-earned joy it brings him made me want to buy a couple of acres and my own tribe of goats. Now, anyone have a vintage apron I could borrow?