Portraiture Workshop, Week 1

In a moment of dream-inspired clarity, I decided to take a portraiture photography workshop. As fate would have it, I came across a Craiglist ad for a class taught by Rick Cummings, one of Boulder's best photographers and one of the first people I met after moving here three years ago. I'd even modeled for the same class a few years prior. The class began in two days, and I emailed Rick immediately to secure my spot. Serendipity sure is a funny thing. 

In our first three-hour session, we covered the basic "rules" of portraiture photography (which in subsequent classes, we plan to break), different styles of lighting, composition and angles. The fabulously chic Heather was our model, and her delicate, exotic bone structure was the perfect canvas off which to bounce light in unique (and often blindingly bright) ways. 

Three hours went by in a flash, and I went home inspired and excited for the next three weeks. A new obsession is definitely in its infancy stage.