Chocolate & Craft Beer Pairing

It's a tough gig, freelancing for the top chocolate shop in Boulder. I have to talk about chocolate every single day, and I go to the shop regularly to take photos and sample the latest creations so I know what I'm talking about. Sometimes, I even have to attend events like last week's chocolate and craft beer pairing at West Flanders Brewing Company on Pearl Street. 

Life is hard, you guys.

PL&C's delightfully obsessive owner, Sarah Amorese, pairs her in-depth knowledge of chocolate with Left Hand Brewing's Jeff Mendel to bring guests an evening of sweets, brews and good company. What's even cooler is, Sarah and Jeff have recently joined forces with Dr. Nicole Garneau, a researcher who studies the science of taste (yes, taste), to go into even more nerd-tastic depth about the whats/hows/whys of a good flavor combination. 

With a snowstorm just 24 hours prior, Boulder's chocoholics braved frigid temps and icy sidewalks to join us at West Flanders. Here's just a taste of what I was able to capture over the course of three hours, when I wasn't shoving chocolate into my face.