Thanksgiving Day in Silverton

Just down the clench-worthy Million Dollar Highway from Ouray is the tiny mountain town of Silverton. Home to just over 600 people, Silverton is an old mining camp that experienced its heyday in the late 1800s. Now largely reliant on tourism, the town has kept much of its Wild West ambiance and continues to draw gawkers from around the globe to marvel at its remote beauty. (Yours truly included.) 

I've been to Silverton several times before (once via a first class seat on the Durango Railroad, which I highly recommend adding to your bucket list), but never when it was blanketed in a good foot of snow. Not only did we come across a free (FREE!) Thanksgiving dinner at the Brown Bear Cafe, we also took a hair-raising ride down 10th Street on a rickety Colorado Kicksled and lived to tell the tale. 

Silverton is a beautiful place whether it's high summer or the dead of winter, with charmingly funky architecture surrounded by jaw-dropping mountains. Here's just a taste of the town: