Oh, Carmel. Just one of (many) several towns Mom and I ooohed and aaahed over to the point of hoarseness. There were many occasions on our trip when, in weaker moments, we found ourselves standing slack-jawed in an awe-inspiring town whining, "I want to liiive heeere!" Unfortunately for us, the real estate market in Carmel is, ahem, out of our price range.*

(*The understatement of the century.)

A well-known artists' haven, the village of Carmel is nestled in a coastal nook that sits just south of Pebble Beach's chi-chi golf course and just north of the chunk of vast wilderness that carries the Cabrillo Highway into Big Sur and farther points south.  

Bordering on irritatingly charming, Carmel's streets meander up and down steep hills, eventually trickling onto the oceanfront and aptly named Scenic Road before spilling into the white-sanded (and public! and dog-friendly!) Carmel Beach. 

Mom and I wandered the streets and beaches for just an hour or so. Here's what I captured.