Casa Juan de Anza

Mom and I are both suckers for antique shops. When we came across an antique shop housed in an antique building in the antique town of San Juan Bautista, it was a triple whammy we couldn't possibly resist. 

Built in 1799 as a home for the Anza family, Casa Juan de Anza is one of just four adobe structures still standing in San Juan Bautista. Over the years, the whitewashed building has served as a private residence, cantina and antique shop, and is now a registered National Historic Landmark. 

The current owner Emily graciously showed us around her shop and her home, which has grown like topsy over the centuries. The front part of the building houses her storefront, while the back two-thirds of the building serve as her residence.

Emily took ownership of the building in 2007 under a bank foreclosure, and paid only a song for this California treasure. But with the unbelievable price came an unbelievable mess; she showed us pictures of the building's state when she was handed the keys, and it looked like something out of an episode of Hoarders, only worse. After multiple dumpsters and truck beds were filled up and hauled off, Emily was left with a charming home with a rich history.

Over these seven years, she's made it her own. Here are just a few shots I took around her lovely home. If you're ever in San Juan Bautista, be sure to stop by Adobe Antiques and tell Emily hello.