Hagerman Pass Portraits

This guy. Bless his heart. He's such a good sport.

When we were up in the mountains a few weekends ago, I wanted to take a series of outdoor portraits to play with light and exposure. The sun at high altitude can do fun and intense things, and what better backdrop to have than the epic Rockies?

We headed up Hagerman Pass outside of Leadville mid-afternoon, only to find it closed for the season due to snowdrifts. As we turned around, I noticed the sun beginning to sink into that winter afternoon lull and I knew the time was right. 

Affable, patient and always ready to humor my every whim, Hobbs waited patiently while I futzed around with my camera. In return, I did my best to make him look damn handsome. 

"Your husband, he's good in front of the camera," Rick said the other night in class. I'd say I have to agree.