Camera Walk: Texture

I'm a toucher. 

That came out wrong. Let me explain.

When I see an object that has a unique or intriguing texture, I have an uncontrollable urge to touch it. Experiencing the feel of something changes your relationship to it; instead of merely looking at an object, by touching it you learn its composition, temperature, smoothness and weight. Not to mention, touching things is just plain pleasant.

(Oh, brother.)

This touching compulsion manifests itself in museums, at petting zoos, in department stores, in tide pools, on backcountry trails - pretty much anywhere there are alluring things that need to be experienced firsthand. 

On a recent camera walk around the neighborhood, I transferred my touching tendencies to my camera lens and photographed some of the more captivating textures I noticed. In photography, texture is used to increase the information you're giving the viewer. Through fine details and features, you're emphasizing the elements of an object not everyone would notice upon first glance.

Here are some intriguing textures I captured on a chilly afternoon at sunset.