Portraiture Shoot: Lauren

Oh, lovely Lauren. Anyone who knows her immediately meets her mention with something along the lines of, "Isn't she great?" or "Don't you just love her?" An old soul and a refreshingly humble human being, Lauren and I met several years ago among the cubicles at Gaiam. Now that we've both gone out on our own, we occasionally meet up to compare notes, share triumphs, and snort at the constant absurdities and hilarities of owning your own business. 

I also call Lauren my cowgirl friend. With a passion for animals and the simple pleasures of ranch life, she spends her free time with horses, cows, a fluffy dog named Squishy, and the occasional human. In our recent portraiture shoot, I asked her to bring a few items that represent her love of wild, open spaces. She obliged with a beautiful printed scarf, a worn denim shirt, and her favorite hat. 

Lauren radiates a gentle ease, and her eyes share a wisdom that's far older than her years. Here, Lauren shares her magic with the lens.