Portraiture Shoot: Priya

In a recent Instagram post, I mentioned that whenever I'm around Priya, I'm reminded that aging is a privilege. My recent photo shoot with her was no exception. Before we began, Priya, Rick and I chatted about books, writing styles, and the subtle connections that only the camera lens captures. In true Priya form, she had us rapt within minutes as we dove into other topics that only decades-long friends do. A conversation with her often leaves me with a soul-cracking, buzzy sense of egads-all-the-feels! and what-just-happened?.

After 40+ years as a psychotherapist, Priya now spends her days with pots and poems, and she's recently launched her second collection of poems and prose, of Bone and Breath. For those who'd like to meet her and hear her work, Boulder Book Store is hosting her book launch and reading at madelife this Friday, January 15, at 7pm. Below, Priya shares her beauty with the lens.