Portraiture Shoot: Carly + Floyd

The night before the studio session with my dear friend Carly and her son Floyd, I spent a good hour on Pinterest, sceenshotting gorgeous photos of mothers with their sons, looking reverent and serene. The next morning, I came to the studio with a lookbook of shots I wanted to capture. In hindsight I think, "Oh, Laura, how cute.

Floyd was dubious of me and my camera, not making the connection that just a few months ago (a lifetime in his world), I held him while I cooked risotto in Carly's kitchen, letting him sniff garlic and nibble parmesan cheese. In the studio, he clung closely to Carly as I tried fervently to capture him in his looser moments. Carly was gentle and persistent, assuring him that what we were doing was supposed to be fun. When I showed him his own photos on my camera, his face lit up. Then I scrambled to capture that same face in half a nanosecond. 

My floundering and his fussiness aside, what I was most thrilled to capture was the unyielding love, devotion, and pride of a first-time mother. In every one of these photos, Carly radiates a soul-cracking joy that shines straight into the heart (and tear ducts). Here are the final edits from our morning together in the studio.