Laura Hobbs

Hi, I'm Laura. Welcome to Darling Creative. 

You’ve been there a thousand times: finding what you wanna say—and how to say it—is tough. As a social manager, copywriter and editor, I help people and brands find their voice, tweak their message, and engage with their online community—all while sounding like a human. It’s no secret: fresh, engaging communication perks up any marketing message. How do I help you do that? I put communication first and marketing second. (Did that make you flinch? Good. Keep reading.) 

Every day, I work with clients around the continent to help them communicate more effectively. And when I'm not writing for clients, I'm writing my own stories. I've been featured in Thoughtfully MagazineBoat Magazine, and Do South Magazine, and I write my Tiny Letters when I can. This stuff? It's what sets my soul on fire. 

I communicate through my camera, too. In the studio or on location, I love connecting with people and capturing the moment when everything clicks. I also enjoy capturing the raw beauty of faraway places and the faces that live there. See the people and places I’ve photographed here.

My background is a confetti bomb of creative writing, editorial, social media, linguistics, photography, legal studies, and general grammar-nerdiness. When I’m not in front of my laptop or behind the lens, you’ll find me in the kitchen, slicing and dicing my way to a quiet mind. 

Between our work, social feeds, bottomless inboxes, Netflix lineups, and those group texts we all loathe so much, we’re living in a screen-based world. So when I get to connect with you on a real-deal, no-BS human level, it makes me look up, scrunch my toes, and smile real big. And that's what life's about, right? Let's talk. 


(479) 422-8253